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Going from good to great is a daily commitment – and it can’t wait until the next gate session at the track!

US Olympians Mike Day and Donny Robinson are bringing that daily commitment to you in epic fashion this summer with Pedals2Medals.com – the first virtual BMX training and coaching platform in the sport of BMX Racing.

Pedals 2 Medals is the BMX coaching system that Mike and Donny wished they had when coming up through the ranks, before ultimately taking the Silver and Bronze Medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Our “riders ready” program delivers critical training and coaching content using:

• Up-close-and-personal video training modules
• Action and accountability plans for each module
• Exclusive streaming audio of Elite coaching sessions
• Mobile app training tools
• Live virtual hangouts with Mike & Donny and special guests

The level of service you will get from Pedals 2 Medals will feel like Mike and Donny are with you as you sprint, manual, jump, carve, and WIN! All ready to roll, when you’re ready to train.

Stream videos at home or from the track with your mobile device!

BMX News Interview

Olympic Medalists Mike Day and Donny Robinson have been involved in teaching clinics and helping riders who seek them out for years. These are guys who always take time to help the up & coming generation ride to their full potential. Late last year, after teaching a string of clinics, and realizing that their clinic riders really needed on-going coaching, in addition to a single-day clinic, Mike and Donny started comparing notes on an idea for a video-based virtual BMX coaching service.

It was oh-so-perfect that both Olympians had reached similar conclusions about the coaching path of the up & comers they encountered, and it wasn’t too long before they put a mission down on paper, and a name to their project: Pedals 2 Medals was born!

Just prior to launching this website, Mike & Donny sat down with BMX News to talk about the Pedals 2 Medals Virtual BMX Coaching Program.

Below are a few excerpts from that interview (edited for this use). At the bottom, you’ll find a link to listen to the podcast audio, in its entirety.

BMX News: Give us the backstory of how Pedals 2 Medals came about.

Mike Day: Well, about six months ago, I was thinking of some of ideas for the next generation riders– the racers at track now, and I was thinking about ways to help kids get to the next level. It reminded me of growing up, doing all the Supercamp stuff– but I was thinking of doing a video-based website and it came to me that me and Donny should do it. We obviously have a lot of history. We traveled a lot, went to the Olympics together, so I called Donny and gave him my ideas. We’ve been keeping in touch and getting ideas together…then brewing up websites, logos and all this stuff. It’s been a super fun process, and we’re starting to make progress on Pedals 2 Medals. I’m excited about it. It’s looking good and we’re almost ready to go.

BMX News: You know, one thing I wanted to ask you just as kind of a PS to what you just mentioned– your involvement with Supercamps. Tell us just briefly about how often you were on the road with Burlin Harris then.

Mike: Oh, back in the day, when I was probably nine, ten years old, every summer I would go with Burlin. We would go for like three months when school was out and I did that for five summers in a row, traveling country and just running local track camps. Being a part of Burlin’s program was super fun.

BMX News: Donny you want to jump in on that for first question?

Donny Robinson: Just listening to what Mike said was just like, this whole thing was meant to be because, right around the same time that Mikey said that he was starting to think about this, I was kind of was dealing with some injuries at the latter part (ok, actually all of 2013 really). So, there had to be something else. I mean, I knew that my love for racing would always be there, but there was going to be a time where there would have to be a transition into something else. We always have help from other people, we’re never successes by ourselves, and so other people were kind of helping me out with ideas, and I came up with the same idea about doing a training program online and I just procrastinated about it and I’ll say “OK. I’ll get to it someday.”

I still want to focus on my racing and, like Mike said, he called me one day and said, ‘Don, we have to do this thing!’ and I said ‘oh my gosh. I have the same ideas.’ We both really didn’t act on it, but from the time that Mike called me, I said, ‘Dude, this is awesome’ because, yeah, we could both do it individually, but we’ve been so blessed to have gone through the Olympics, and so lucky to have been the first USA Medalists that I said, ‘this concept– I don’t think could be done by much better of a duo.’ So, from the time Mike called me, I said, ‘Dude, I’m going to stay on you because this is an excellent idea you have and I think we can run with it’.

BMX News: Donny, stay with me for a second and pick up kind of where Mike left off to talk a little about the type of program that Pedals 2 Medals will be offering. What shape will that take?

Donny: We are still in the starting stages. We’re coming up with new ideas every day, and getting help from everybody around us, giving their ideas– but for the most part, in its most simple form, Pedals 2 Medals is an on-going virtual BMX clinic.

Like I said, Mike and I haven’t done what we have done by ourselves. It’s from help by other people, and so when Mike and I do clinics around the country, that’s kind of us trying to impart our knowledge and help others because we want to see those riders live their dream.

The problem with teaching clinics in person, it’s so hard with our training and our racing trips to do clinics around the country, let alone around the world. So, we hope that this program will allow us to reach global ridership, to kind of give back. So, in Pedals 2 Medals, we’ll have streaming online videos, which you can watch from either home or your mobile device at the track, with different techniques on the track– whether it’s gates or rhythms or training tips or whatever.

That’s basically where it started, but now it’s transforming into something that can be so much greater, and by that I mean whether it’s monthly webcasts or a Google Hangout or something that can allow riders all over the world to engage on a personal level with Mikey and I to pick our brains about on-track training, or mental preparation and all that goes in to winning races . It’s taking off based on our ideas. So, yeah, I don’t know exactly where it’s going to go, but that’ll be our starting point.

BMX News: Well, it’s a tremendously exciting project that you guys are embarking upon, especially, just given your backgrounds and kind of where you’re coming from with the Olympic experience and stuff. You will be in the unique position to, even when you’re coaching the most basic novice level to sort of be able to draw that arc for people as far as where they’ll eventually end up.

I know our listeners are going to be very interested and highly stoked to hear about the progress that you’re making on Pedals 2 Medals, and be a part of what you guys are going to be offering when you launch. When are you planning on launching the program?

Donny: We’re hoping for a late summer-ish 2014 an early 2015 launch.

>>>Podcast: Listen to the full audio of the Interview

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